Whaddon 700 Procession

Whaddon Procession 1Whaddon Procession 2

The Whaddon 700 Procession started at Tuffley Primary School at 11am on Saturday 27th June and made is way through the streets to St Margaret’s church, Whaddon, stopping off at several points on the way.

Giant St Blaise and Siglo the Salmon were joined by the Tetbury Bull and several others friends. It was quite a spectacle as pupils from Tuffley Primary School and Wynstones School danced along the route.



Whaddon Procession 4Whaddon Procession 5When the procession reached Wynstones School all the participants took it in turns to sing, dance and play musical instruments.

After the procession, we all went into St Margaret’s church and saw the marvellous banners created together by pupils of the two schools.