Walter and Merry

Bishop Maidstone riding round his dioceseBishop Walter Maidstone was very fond of his horse. He named her Merry because it described exactly how she was, lively and always happy. They spent a lot of time together as Walter was a very busy man.

In the spring of 1315, Walter explained to Merry that they were going to travel all around the countryside visiting lots of churches. Merry was quite excited. There would be many new fields to graze and the grass would be nice and lush. She would need a lot of grass as it was going to be quite a journey and take several months.

Where did they go? What did they do? Find out more about Walter and Merry’s adventure by learning their song. The tune, Edi Beo Thu, had been composed in Gloucester just a few years earlier and everyone was singing it.

Walter and Merry met a new friend when they came to Gloucestershire. Do you want to meet him too?