Wall paintings and timelines

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An illustration in the Canterbury Psalter of c1140 inspired this depiction of Mary and Joseph making their way to Bethlehem

Our medieval communities would have marvelled at their stone-built churches set amongst the hovels of peasants and serfs and the timber-framed buildings of freemen.

Inside, the vivid colours of wall paintings told the stories of the Bible to those who could not read.

Schoolchildren from Lakefield Primary School, Tuffley Primary School and Wynstones School have produced their own impressions of these paintings within our churches at Frampton on Severn and Whaddon.  These provide a strong reminder of how our churches may have looked in the fourteenth century. At Fretherne church, local artists have created banners with the theme ‘parables of our own time’. Inside the building at Harescombe a display of images of consecration crosses on the walls reminds us that these were placed where a bishop had anointed a church with chrism or holy water in order to consecrate it.

Timelines are displayed to show major events within our country and local communities during the last seven hundred years.

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The fishing boat in this painting is to be found in a stained glass window in Fretherne church