Siglo the Salmon

Just who was Siglo the Salmon? Why was he so special?

Salmon have made their way down and up the river Severn for thousands of years, and the traditional fishing methods like putchers and lave nets (sssh, we shouldn’t talk about them in front of Siglo) have been an important part of our estuary’s life for almost as long.

Procession (12)Siglo was born in 1302 in a place called Plynlimon, right at the beginning of the river Severn, high up in the Welsh mountains. He liked it there with his salmon friends and hung around until he was about three years old when they all decided to go on a big adventure.

As they swam down the river the water got rather salty and they realised they were getting near the sea. For a long time, Siglo enjoyed the waters of the Atlantic Ocean – it was fun swimming around with his mates. He grew up into a big salmon and in the early spring of 1315 he decided to come home (gosh, it was a long way). It took several months. Eventually he reached the Severn Sea (it wasn’t called the Bristol Channel in those days).

The Severn bore pushed Siglo along nicely as he came up the river. All of a sudden he fancied doing a spot of sight-seeing and leapt up as high as he could. Goodness, something really exciting seemed to be going on and he wanted to join in the fun!

If you want to know what happened next, you will need to learn his song. He had first heard the tune when he was swimming near Spain.

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