Planning your service and celebratory events

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The thirteenth century bellcote at Harescombe church

The original dedication services may have lasted between five and six hours!  We have been able to build on the scholarship of The Experience of Worship project initiated by Bangor University to produce suggestions for enactments of parts of these services.

Other events would have taken place within the parishes to celebrate the visit of Bishop Maidstone.  These would have included a churchwardens’ ale to raise much-needed funds and a feast.

The 700th anniversary celebrations at Harescombe included the dedication of a new altar frontal by the Bishop of Tewkesbury.

Bishop Maidstone and his entourage arriving at Whaddon church
Bishop Maidstone and his entourage arriving at Whaddon church

Workshops for giant and beast-making, dance, music and costume were held for the parishes of Frampton on Severn, Fretherne, Harescombe and Whaddon and were suitable for all age groups and abilities. Click here to see what we got up to.

Please look at the churches page to see when your church was visited by Bishop Maidstone.

The churches of Frampton, Fretherne, Harescombe and Whaddon held their celebratory weekend from Friday 26th-Sunday 28th June 2015.

Please contact the team on to let us know what you are planning.

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Whaddon parishioners hailing the arrival of Bishop Maidstone