Kidderminster to ‘Ebrithston’ (Abberton or Ebrington)

Kidderminster to 'Ebrithston' (Abberton or Ebrington) itinerary
Kidderminster to ‘Ebrithston’ (Abberton or Ebrington) itinerary

Bishop Maidstone riding round his diocese13th June    Kidderminster    great altar

14th June    Hadzor    great altar

15th June    Kington    church and great altar

16th June    Kinwarton    church and great altar

17th June    Bidford on Avon    great altar

18th June    Pebworth    great altar

19th June    Preston on Stour    great altar

20th June    Wolverton    church and great altar

22nd June    Wroxall    church and great altar

22nd June    Hatton    great altar

23rd June    ‘Ebrithston’ (either Abberton or Ebrington)    great altar

The final leg of this itinerary was to ‘Ebrithston’, the medieval name for the villages of Abberton, Worcestershire, and Ebrington, Gloucestershire. Both are of a similar distance from Wroxall and Hatton. Perhaps more detailed local investigation will determine the church concerned.

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